Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fifth Grade

Up to Ten / The Crater Puzzle
Zoom/Kitchen Chemistry

How Stuff Works / Science Videos
How Stuff Works / Animal Videos
How Stuff Works / Electronics Videos
How Stuff Works / Computers
Harcourt Brace / Geography Glossary
National Geographic Kids
BBC / Map Skills
Funschool / Balloon Tycoon
Up to Ten /A Flag for a Country
Harcourt Brace / World Atlas
Language Arts
Social Studies
Mr. Nussbaum/Social Studies
National Geographic Kids/People and Places
National Geographic Kids/Find People and Places
National Geographic Kids/China
National Geographic Kids/The United States of America
National Geographic Kids/Vietnam
National Geographic Kids/Afghanistan
National Geographic Kids/ France
National Geographic Kids/Italy
National Geographic Kids/You Are Here/Guatemala
National Geographic Kids/You Are Here/Jordan
National Geographic Kids/You Are Here/Beijing
National Geographic Kids/People and Places
Harcourt Brace/Social Studies/Grade 5
Harcourt Brace/The United States/Making a New Nation
Harcourt Brace/Social Studies/Civil War to Present
Harcourt Brace/Ancient Civilizations
PBS Kids/Arthur/Binky's Facts & Opinions
PBS Kids/ Arthur/ Connect the World
American Girl/Russian Doll Mix-Up
PBS Kids/Postcards from Buster/Connect the States
PBS Kids/Postcards from Buster/Build-a-Flag
PBS Kids/Postcards from Buster/Where's Buster?
Kids Web/Japan
National Geographic Kids/GeoSpy
PBS Kids/It's Your Life

PBS Kids / Design Squad / String Thing
Information About the USA
Harcourt Brace/Electoral College
NSF and the Birth of the Internet
Keyboarding / Fast Type
Blackwell's Best / Power Point #1
Blackwell's Best / Power Point #2
Power Point in the Classroom
Merriam Webster Visual Online Dictionary
The Visual Dictionary
Factmonster Almanac
Ask Jeeves Kids
Artlex Art Dictionary
The Rudiments of Wisdom / Cartoon Encyclopedia
Animated Knots
Food and Nutrition
Dole Five A Day
Flip It Frenzy
Sim Lemonade Millionaire
Birthday Cake Decorator
Pronto Pizza
Waffle Mania
Penguin Diner
PrimaryGames/Fruit Sudoku
PrimaryGames/Smoot Froothie

The Amazing Food Detective

How Stuff Works/Food
Fun Stuff
Disney/ Pixar/ Wall-E / Build-a-Bot
Disney / Pixar / Wall-E / Treasure Game
Disney / Pixar / Wall-E / Space Escape
Disney / Pixar / Wall-E's Cup Shuffle

Extraordinary Dogs
Penguin Push
PBS Kids / Arthur / Sue Ellen's Scrapbook
Kiddley / Paper Lucia Crowns and Hats

The Toymaker / Hanukah Crafts
Chabad / Chanukah
Chabad / Chanukah Concentration
Chabad / Dreidel Spin
Chabad / Connect-the-Dots
Chabad / Chanukah Quiz
Chabad / Chanukah Word Search
PBS Kids / Arthur / Sue Ellen's Scrapbook / Hanukkah

The Toymaker / Kwanzaa Crafts
Factmonster / Kwanzaa
Primary Games / Kwanzaa Word Search
PBS Kids / Arthur / Sue Ellen's Scrapbook / Kwanzaa

Chinese New Year
National Geographic Kids / China
Bold Plimoth Plantation Story Starters / Grandmother's Cottage
National Geographic Kids / The First Thanksgiving
National Geographic Kids/ Thanksgiving Quiz
National Geographic Kids/ Funny Fill-In
Thanksgiving Sudoku